How to Plan the Couples Engagement Sessions

Posted By on Oct 20, 2015 |

As a wedding photographer you will need to know how to plan a couple’s engagement photo session. These have become the staple of wedding photography and can either be done as part of the wedding photos or as a separate session. There are some basics to follow in order to get successful photos that include more than one person:

  • Look at the engagement session as a practice for the wedding. Getting to know the couple and working with them before the wedding will make that BIG day go smoother for both you and the couple.
  • Find out if the couple has a favorite spot that might define them as a couple; where they met, where they go to relax, somewhere they both like to go or an activity they both like to engage in. Find out if they are more the outdoor type, city type or have an indoor place of importance to them.
  • Stay confident and coordinate your shots with subtly as you pose the couple in the locations best photographed. Choose the backgrounds and settings that will make their photos unique to them.


  • If you have the time to wait for season changes, find out if the couple prefers summer greens, autumn colors or perhaps even a white snowy background. If there is a particular season, you will have to time the session accordingly and to meet all of your schedules.
  • Understand that the photos are not going to need a lot of space. You can take some fantastic photos in small parks just as easily as in the large expanse of the woods.
  • Once you’ve decided on location and time of the session, discuss the type of wardrobe the couple should wear to compliment the area they have chosen.
  • You may want to suggest the bride have her hair and makeup done if she appears to be the type of person who does this on a regular basis. Some may prefer a natural look, so it is an area you need to cover before the session so they can plan their time.

If there will pets involved in the photos, make sure the couple brings someone along who can care for their pet while they finish the session where the pet is not included.