Five Must-Knows for Photographing the First Wedding Dance

Posted By on Oct 18, 2015 |

A wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. They will want those perfect photos to relive and share their day throughout the days ahead. As a wedding photographer in Essex County, New Jersey there are three very important photos to focus on; the first dance, poses of the bride and groom and engagement photo sessions.

The first dance is really difficult to capture since it’s a moving event. The engagement photo sessions and other still photos are easy because the subjects aren’t moving. Find example of first dance photos in Rick Helman’s gallery.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best shots:

Change the angle of your photo


Most people will take their photo from the same standard view- hold camera up, see the couple and take the picture. To get a different view and angle to your picture, hold the camera at a lower level. When you change the level of the camera you will also get a different background to your picture such as the ceiling which has most likely been decorated to celebrate the wedding.

Post process your images


Use some photo editing software to enhance the picture rather than just using the image taken by the camera. You can increase the contrast, or make the bride and groom stand out against the background with spot color effect. You can use different effects on the same photo to give them all a new fresh look.

Remove the flash from the camera

no flash

If the flash unit for your camera can be removed, fire it remotely from different positions to your camera. The effect this can create on your photos will give them a more distinctive look on that first wedding dance photo.

Slow down your shutter speed


This creates a blurry photo as it shows movement of the subjects but with practice, most professional photographers are able to zoom in a steady photo of the main subject while the background is blurry.

Partner up with your videographer


The videographer will have his own light so you can maximize this by using it as a spotlight. It creates a nice effect to photos. You’ll have to underexpose your shot and wait for the right time to get yours though and this takes expertise.