8 Basic Poses for Wedding Photographers

Posted By on Oct 18, 2015 |

Certain poses show up in wedding photography more often than others, and if you are a wedding photographer, you should be intimately acquainted with all of them. As a wedding photographer, you may want to be as original as possible with the poses. However, there are really only so many ways to photograph a couple without going overboard in terms of being unique. While we’ve got a lot of new trends coming up when it comes to wedding photos, some great traditional poses are still standing the test of time.

1. The V Shaped Pose

v pose

This pose involves the couple standing close to each other so their bodies almost seem to form a V, since their hips are close to each other. Each spouse will also have a hand on whichever hip is at the outermost corner of the V. This pose is very relaxed and it doesn’t require the couple to bend at awkward angle.

2. Stacked Pose

In this pose, one spouse is in front, and the other spouse is hugging him or her from behind. The taller member of the couple should usually be the person behind, but it can still work the other way, and it can still work with couples that have two members of the same height.

back to back

3. Hand Holding Pose


This is a romantic pose where the couple is standing about hip-width apart. They are looking at each other, and they are holding hands. A wedding photographer can capture a sort of chaste moment of love between the couple at this time.

 4. Kissing Pose


The couple in this case is closed off to the rest of the audience. They are photographed in profile and kissing all the while, as if the photographer is capturing the moment after the couple in question has said their vows.

 5.Lifted Pose

liftThis one occurs in profile. One spouse will gracefully lift the other one into the air, and they will hold it just long enough to capture the moment. This will only work with certain couples, of course, but it can be beautiful when it does. The stronger member of the couple should be the one doing the lifting, since it is going to be difficult to provide assistance in this circumstance.

 6. Romantic Walk

Lots of couples like to take romantic walks across the beach or in other very scenic locations. The wedding photographer in question can photograph the couple as if they were walking like that, usually at a three-quarter’s profile. That angle can really capture the moment.


7. Kissing at an Angle

1People will often see pictures where one member of the couple is leaning backwards and the two of them are in an embrace, as if the leaning member of the couple is being caught. This pose works wonders for wedding photographers who are going for romantic pictures.

8. Carried Away

The image of one partner carrying the other into their new house is a popular one. The couple should try to pose this way so the wedding photographer in question can try to grab the moment.