Change your lens, change your story.

As a wedding photographer you will need to know how to plan a couple’s engagement photo session. These have become the staple of wedding photography and can either be done as part of the wedding photos or as a separate session. There are some basics to follow in order to get successful photos that include more than one person:

  • Look at the engagement session as a practice for the wedding. Getting to know the couple and working with them before the wedding will make that BIG day go smoother for both you and the couple.
  • Find out if the couple has a favorite spot that might define them as a couple; where they met, where they go to relax, somewhere they both like to go or an activity they both like to engage in. Find out if they are more the outdoor type, city type or have an indoor place of importance to them.
  • Stay confident and coordinate your shots with subtly as you pose the couple in the locations best photographed. Choose the backgrounds and settings that will make their photos unique to them.


  • If you have the time to wait for season changes, find out if the couple prefers summer greens, autumn colors or perhaps even a white snowy background. If there is a particular season, you will have to time the session accordingly and to meet all of your schedules.
  • Understand that the photos are not going to need a lot of space. You can take some fantastic photos in small parks just as easily as in the large expanse of the woods.
  • Once you’ve decided on location and time of the session, discuss the type of wardrobe the couple should wear to compliment the area they have chosen.
  • You may want to suggest the bride have her hair and makeup done if she appears to be the type of person who does this on a regular basis. Some may prefer a natural look, so it is an area you need to cover before the session so they can plan their time.

If there will pets involved in the photos, make sure the couple brings someone along who can care for their pet while they finish the session where the pet is not included.

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A wedding day is the most important day in a person’s life. They will want those perfect photos to relive and share their day throughout the days ahead. As a wedding photographer in Essex County, New Jersey there are three very important photos to focus on; the first dance, poses of the bride and groom and engagement photo sessions.

The first dance is really difficult to capture since it’s a moving event. The engagement photo sessions and other still photos are easy because the subjects aren’t moving. Find example of first dance photos in Rick Helman’s gallery.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best shots:

Change the angle of your photo


Most people will take their photo from the same standard view- hold camera up, see the couple and take the picture. To get a different view and angle to your picture, hold the camera at a lower level. When you change the level of the camera you will also get a different background to your picture such as the ceiling which has most likely been decorated to celebrate the wedding.

Post process your images


Use some photo editing software to enhance the picture rather than just using the image taken by the camera. You can increase the contrast, or make the bride and groom stand out against the background with spot color effect. You can use different effects on the same photo to give them all a new fresh look.

Remove the flash from the camera

no flash

If the flash unit for your camera can be removed, fire it remotely from different positions to your camera. The effect this can create on your photos will give them a more distinctive look on that first wedding dance photo.

Slow down your shutter speed


This creates a blurry photo as it shows movement of the subjects but with practice, most professional photographers are able to zoom in a steady photo of the main subject while the background is blurry.

Partner up with your videographer


The videographer will have his own light so you can maximize this by using it as a spotlight. It creates a nice effect to photos. You’ll have to underexpose your shot and wait for the right time to get yours though and this takes expertise.

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Certain poses show up in wedding photography more often than others, and if you are a wedding photographer, you should be intimately acquainted with all of them. As a wedding photographer, you may want to be as original as possible with the poses. However, there are really only so many ways to photograph a couple without going overboard in terms of being unique. While we’ve got a lot of new trends coming up when it comes to wedding photos, some great traditional poses are still standing the test of time.

1. The V Shaped Pose

v pose

This pose involves the couple standing close to each other so their bodies almost seem to form a V, since their hips are close to each other. Each spouse will also have a hand on whichever hip is at the outermost corner of the V. This pose is very relaxed and it doesn’t require the couple to bend at awkward angle.

2. Stacked Pose

In this pose, one spouse is in front, and the other spouse is hugging him or her from behind. The taller member of the couple should usually be the person behind, but it can still work the other way, and it can still work with couples that have two members of the same height.

back to back

3. Hand Holding Pose


This is a romantic pose where the couple is standing about hip-width apart. They are looking at each other, and they are holding hands. A wedding photographer can capture a sort of chaste moment of love between the couple at this time.

 4. Kissing Pose


The couple in this case is closed off to the rest of the audience. They are photographed in profile and kissing all the while, as if the photographer is capturing the moment after the couple in question has said their vows.

 5.Lifted Pose

liftThis one occurs in profile. One spouse will gracefully lift the other one into the air, and they will hold it just long enough to capture the moment. This will only work with certain couples, of course, but it can be beautiful when it does. The stronger member of the couple should be the one doing the lifting, since it is going to be difficult to provide assistance in this circumstance.

 6. Romantic Walk

Lots of couples like to take romantic walks across the beach or in other very scenic locations. The wedding photographer in question can photograph the couple as if they were walking like that, usually at a three-quarter’s profile. That angle can really capture the moment.


7. Kissing at an Angle

1People will often see pictures where one member of the couple is leaning backwards and the two of them are in an embrace, as if the leaning member of the couple is being caught. This pose works wonders for wedding photographers who are going for romantic pictures.

8. Carried Away

The image of one partner carrying the other into their new house is a popular one. The couple should try to pose this way so the wedding photographer in question can try to grab the moment.


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10 Goofiest Wedding Photo Ideas

Posted By on Sep 23, 2015

Even though you would like to have serious photos from your wedding, you cannot argue against the likability and cuteness of goofy wedding photos.  Here are top ten ideas for goofiest wedding photos.


10. Aerial View Of The Dress

Wedding-DressYou have this one day to be a princess and wear the most incredible dress – why not make the most out of it?  I suggest that you take a photograph of your dress in absolutely every position you can think of!  I would particularly single out a photograph where you get the aerial view of the dress! 

9. Incorporating Generations

Photographs which incorporate people in your family of different generations are always interesting.  Furthermore, these photographs can be really funny, as you can put the accent on the age, the physical size, or in the likeness, of people in your family. 

8. Bridesmaids Before They Get Ready

bridesmaidsEven though girls and ladies in particular, are very pretty when they are dressed up, you can take absolutely goofy and silly photographs of bridesmaids, before they get ready! 

7. Tiny Bride

You have probably already seen goofy photographs where the bride is standing far from the camera, which makes her look really tiny.  Just be creative and you will get the most of this idea for wedding photographs. 

6. Tiny Groom

BadWeddingPhotosTinyGroom1Also, you can make funny photographs by using the same creative idea to make the groom look tiny!  The bride can hold him on the palm of her hand and kiss him gently, but also you can make fun photographs in this way! 

5. Fun With Flower Girls

Adorable flower girls will give you some of the silliest, goofiest, funniest moments in your wedding.  You will just have to make sure and that you record all these moments in your photographs! 

4. Makeout Session

The makeout session during the ceremony of after the ceremony can be used to get some hilarious photos, especially if the guests pretend to cover their eyes for example! 

3. Bridesmaids!

bridesmaids-1024_167289kGoofiest photographs will be taken in moments when these ladies least expect it! Take the most of this situation and be creative! Make sure you take advantage of their bouquets as they are perfect props for hilarious shots! 

2. Groomsmen!

Groomsmen are silly by definition! You will just have to make sure you catch all the goofy moments! Just let them be themselves and you will definitely have some amazing photographs! 

1. Photo With the Parents (Wedding Photos)

Parents-at-a-WeddingA silly yet very cute photograph is the one where the bride and the groom hold the photos of their parents on their wedding day. Also, it can bring closer the generations of the family and provide a touch of sentimentality while at the same time the photograph is very fun and light. 

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